The Zadkine Museum is an iconic venue in the Parisian art scene, located in the 6th arrondissement.

The Zadkine Museum is dedicated to the work of Russian artist Ossip Zadkine, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. Founded in 1982, this museum is housed in the artist’s former studio, a historic building dating back to the 17th century. The museum offers a true immersion into the world of the artist Zadkine, presenting over 300 works from his personal collection. Visitors can discover: 

  • wood, stone, plaster and bronze sculptures
  • drawings
  • paintings

The exhibited works bear witness to Zadkine’s immense talent, which left its mark on his era by imposing an original style, halfway between tradition and modernity.

A visit to the museum allows for the discovery of the artist’s creative universe, highlighting his creative process. The museum’s tour is organized around different themes, allowing for a better understanding of Zadkine’s challenges and inspirations. Visitors can thus discover the various stages of creating a work, from the drawing phase to the realization of the final sculpture.

Temporary exhibitions are regularly organized, highlighting other renowned artists. These exhibitions provide an opportunity to discover contemporary artists who follow in Zadkine’s footsteps. The temporary exhibitions are always well-designed, offering an enriching artistic experience. The museum also offers many activities for children and families. Sculpture, drawing, and painting workshops are regularly organized, allowing the youngest to discover Zadkine’s creative universe. The workshops are led by art professionals who know how to transmit their passion to children. These activities are an excellent way to introduce children to art while developing their creativity and artistic sensitivity.

The Zadkine Museum is a must-see museum in Paris. It offers a true immersion into the creative universe of the artist, highlighting his talent and originality. Visitors can discover exceptional works while immersing themselves in the art history of the 20th century. It is a cultural destination for all audiences, whether passionate about art or simply curious. A visit to the Zadkine Museum is an unforgettable experience.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Zadkine Museum also offers cultural events such as concerts, conferences, and screenings. These events provide an opportunity to discover contemporary artists who are part of the lineage of Zadkine. The events are often very popular with the public, offering a real opportunity for meeting and sharing.

A beautiful garden

The Zadkine Museum is also known for its garden, a green space located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement. The garden is a true haven of peace in the heart of Paris. It is located in the Montparnasse district and covers nearly 1000 square meters, offering an ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The garden was created by Ossip Zadkine and his wife, Valentine Prax, in the 1920s. They transformed an old stone quarry into a Mediterranean-inspired garden, with trees, shrubs, climbing plants, and fountains. The garden was arranged in terraces, with winding paths that invite strolling. Visitors can admire bronze, stone, and wood sculptures made by Zadkine himself. The garden is also the site of several cultural events, such as concerts, shows, and screenings. During the summer, children’s workshops are organized in the garden, allowing the youngest to discover art and learn about sculpture.

The Zadkine Museum’s garden is therefore much more than just a green space. It is a true jewel of greenery, where art and nature coexist harmoniously. It offers a real moment of calm and serenity in the heart of the city. Visitors can enjoy a moment of relaxation while admiring Zadkine’s works and discovering the history of the garden.

Location : 100bis Rue d’Assas 75006 Paris

Phone : 01 55 42 77 20

Official website :

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