Facing the Luxor obelisk this neo-classic palace (18th) houses one of the two chambers of the french parliament. 

The frontage of the French Assembly, built by Poyet in 1804 and completed in 1807, matches the Madeleine church. The frontage of the courtyard opening on the other side is typically 19th century, with its vast colonnade framing high windows.
Interior : the Royal Drawing Room and the Library are decorated in the Romantic style, and hung with paintings by Delacroix.
The aristocratic quarter built at the end of the “Ancien Regime” runs into Boulevard Saint Germain.


The National Assembly or Congress known as the Bourbon Palace, was built by 4 different architects. Ordered by the Duchess of Bourbon daughter of Louis the XIVth and Madame de Montespan the first work began in 1722, by Giraldini, and was completed in 1728 by Lassurance, Gabriel and Aubert. Bought by Louis the XVth to ornate the Place de la Concorde it will later be joined by the Hotel de Lassay next door. Confiscated under the Revolution it will be used as the meeting place of the Council of the Five Hundreds then to host the brand new Ecole Polytechnique from 1794 to 1804.

The Surroundings
Do not leave until you have taken a look at some of the buildings, such as the number 78, rue de Lille, the Hotel de Beauharnais, with its Egyptian-style portico added in 1803, has beautiful Empire style interior decoration. Number 64, rue de Lille, the Hotel de Salm (1784), headquarter of the Legion d’Honneur, shows the return to the Classical style towards the end of the 18th century – in its triumphal archway, and ionic porticoes. At the far end of the courtyard is a semi-circular pavillion with simple window decorations which make you forget the austerity of the neo-classical frontage.

Location : 126 Rue de l’Université 75007 Paris

Phone 01 40 63 60 00

How to get there : 

  • Metro : line 12, Assemblée Nationale
  • RER C : Musée d’Orsay

Opening :

  • Visits on Saturdays 10h00, 14h00, 15h00.
  • No visit allowed when the Assembly sits.

Official website : https://www.assemblee-nationale.fr 

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