The Olympic Games of Paris 2024 promise to be a global-scale event that will bring together exceptional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and culture lovers from all corners of the world. This iconic celebration of sport and the Olympic spirit will take place in our magnificent city of Paris. Scheduled from July 26th to August 11th, 2024, these Olympic Games are already generating unprecedented excitement among athletes preparing to give their best performance and spectators eagerly anticipating moments of competition, camaraderie, and emotion.

The Olympic Games of Paris 2024 will be much more than a mere sporting event: they will leave a lasting legacy in terms of sustainability, cultural promotion, and social inclusion.

Dates and organization of the Paris Olympics

The Paris Olympic Games will take place from July 26th to August 11th, 2024. The city of Paris was chosen as the host city during the 131st session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lima, Peru, in September 2017. The event is organized in collaboration with the IOC, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), and the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 (COJO).

Competition venues 

The Paris Olympic Games will utilize venues spread throughout the Paris region, as well as in certain neighboring French cities. Iconic venues such as the Stade de France, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies, Stade Roland-Garros for tennis, Stade Jean-Bouin for rugby sevens, and the Grand Palais for fencing, will be at the heart of the competitions. Additionally, new sites will be constructed, including the Olympic Village located in the Saint-Denis district, providing accommodation for the athletes.

Sports disciplines 

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will feature a diverse sports program with a wide range of disciplines. Traditional sports such as athletics, swimming, artistic gymnastics, boxing, judo, cycling, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, and football will be on the program. Additionally, additional sports have been added to attract a broader and younger audience, including surfing, climbing, skateboarding, breakdancing, karate, and 3×3 basketball. These new disciplines reflect the evolving interests in sports worldwide.

Sustainability and legacy of the Games

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are committed to being the most sustainable Games in history. The emphasis is on reducing carbon footprint, promoting sustainable mobility, and utilizing existing infrastructure. Olympic venues will be designed to minimize their environmental impact and be converted for sustainable use after the Games. The Olympic Village will be transformed into a new residential neighborhood, and urban regeneration projects are planned in several areas of Paris and the surrounding region.

Economic and tourism impact in Paris

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will have a significant economic impact on the city and the region. Thousands of visitors from around the world are expected, which will stimulate the tourism industry, create temporary and permanent jobs, and generate positive economic benefits. The Games will also provide a unique opportunity to promote France as a tourist destination, showcasing its culture, heritage, and tourist attractions.

Cultural heritage and promotion of inclusion 

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games aim to leave a lasting cultural heritage. They celebrate cultural diversity and showcase the history, art, and creativity of France. Cultural and artistic events will be organized alongside the sports competitions, allowing visitors and residents to explore the cultural richness of Paris and its surroundings. Art exhibitions, musical performances, festivals, and various cultural events will bring the city to life throughout the duration of the Games. The Paris 2024 Olympic Games also prioritize inclusion and equal opportunities. Initiatives are being implemented to encourage the participation of people with disabilities, promote gender equality in sports, and foster social inclusion. The Paralympic Games, which will follow the Olympic Games, will highlight the skills and achievements of Paralympic athletes and raise public awareness about the importance of inclusion and accessibility.

Social benefits of the Olympics

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games provide opportunities for the development and improvement of sports infrastructure and public facilities. New sports facilities will be constructed to meet Olympic standards, while existing ones will be renovated and modernized. This will benefit not only athletes and sports enthusiasts but also the local population, who will have access to these facilities after the Games. Furthermore, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have ambitious social engagement goals. Educational programs, personal development initiatives, and health promotion campaigns will be implemented to encourage youth participation and promote Olympic values such as respect, excellence, and solidarity. These initiatives aim to inspire the next generation and leverage the power of sports to have a positive impact on society.

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