The Accor Arena Bercy is one of the most iconic concert venues in Paris. Located in the Bercy neighborhood, in the 12th arrondissement, it is renowned both nationally and internationally for its impressive architecture and its capacity to host large-scale events. Formerly known as Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy or Bercy Arena, the venue underwent renovations and was renamed Accor Arena in 2015 due to a partnership with the hotel group Accor.

The Accor Arena Bercy: An Iconic Venue for Performances and Events

The Accor Arena Bercy is a versatile venue that was inaugurated in 1984 and has since become a must-visit destination for music lovers, sports enthusiasts, and various entertainment events. It was designed to provide an immersive and unforgettable experience for all spectators who visit. With a capacity of over 20,000 people, the Accor Arena Bercy is often chosen by international artists for their highly anticipated concerts. From music legends to contemporary artists, the venue has hosted numerous memorable shows over the years. In addition to concerts, the Accor Arena Bercy is also the preferred location for high-level sporting competitions. Events such as basketball, tennis, ice hockey matches, and many others are regularly held in this renowned arena.

Beyond its national reputation, the Accor Arena Bercy also enjoys international stature, hosting large-scale events such as international sports competitions, conventions, exhibitions, and world-renowned shows. Whether you are a music fan, a sports enthusiast, or simply looking for an exceptional venue for an entertaining evening, the Accor Arena Bercy offers a unique and memorable experience. Its fame and reputation make it an essential location in Paris’ cultural landscape.

Events and Shows: A Rich and Diverse Program

The Accor Arena Bercy is renowned for its exceptional lineup of events and shows that attract enthusiastic crowds. Concerts take center stage at the Accor Arena Bercy, hosting some of the world’s most famous artists. From pop and rock superstars to hip-hop legends and electronic music icons, the stage of the Accor Arena Bercy has seen a multitude of internationally renowned performers. Spectators can enjoy exceptional sound quality and an electrifying atmosphere during these memorable music nights.

The Accor Arena Bercy is also home to premier sporting competitions. Basketball, tennis, ice hockey, gymnastics, and many other disciplines regularly take place in this iconic venue. Sports fans can experience thrilling moments while attending matches featuring internationally renowned teams, in a passionate and lively atmosphere.

In addition to concerts and sports competitions, the Accor Arena Bercy hosts a variety of other shows and events. From musicals to dance performances, theatrical productions, and special events, the venue’s diverse program offers an unparalleled cultural experience. Audiences can discover captivating artistic performances, world-class productions, and unique shows of their kind.

To stay updated on upcoming events and shows, it is advisable to regularly check the official program of the Accor Arena Bercy. Tickets for these events can be reserved online or at authorized outlets, and it is recommended to purchase them in advance due to the popularity of the venue.

The Accor Arena Paris, a Modern and Functional Venue

The Accor Arena Bercy is much more than just a concert hall. It is a modern complex equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and services to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of visitors.

The main hall of the Accor Arena Bercy offers an impressive seating capacity, accommodating up to several thousand spectators. Its cutting-edge design guarantees exceptional acoustics, allowing audiences to enjoy optimal sound quality regardless of the event. The venue’s facilities are perfectly suited to the needs of artists, sports teams, and show producers, providing a versatile space for high-level performances.

In addition to the main hall, the Accor Arena Bercy has several complementary spaces, such as reception rooms, VIP areas, and private boxes. These facilities allow companies, partners, and special guests to enjoy a premium experience during events held at the Accor Arena Bercy. VIP areas offer exclusive services, such as gourmet buffets, private bars, and personalized service, creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Regarding services, the Accor Arena Bercy offers a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs of visitors. Dining options are available throughout the complex, offering a variety of culinary choices ranging from light snacks to more substantial dishes. The bars also provide a selection of beverages, from refreshments to cocktails, to accompany moments of relaxation before, during, or after the shows. Accessibility is a priority at the Accor Arena Bercy. Measures are in place to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, with access ramps, elevators, and reserved seating in the venue. Adapted sanitary facilities are also available to ensure the comfort of all visitors.

Finally, the Accor Arena Bercy benefits from excellent internet connectivity, allowing spectators to stay connected and share their experiences in real time. Wi-Fi hotspots are available throughout the complex, providing the opportunity to share photos, videos, and impressions on social networks.

How to Get to Accor Arena Bercy

Accor Arena Bercy is easily accessible by public transportation. Several options are available:

  • Metro: The closest metro stations to Accor Arena Bercy are “Bercy” (line 6 and line 14) and “Gare de Lyon” (line 1 and line 14). From these stations, simply follow the signs to reach the venue.
  • Bus: Several bus lines also serve Accor Arena Bercy, including lines 24, 87, and 89. Check the schedules and routes on the RATP website to plan your bus journey.
  • RER: Gare de Lyon, located near Accor Arena Bercy, is served by RER lines A and D. From the station, it is easy to reach the venue by following the signs.
  • By car: If you prefer to drive to Accor Arena Bercy, note that parking facilities are available nearby. However, it is important to note that during events, traffic can be heavy, and parking spaces may be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive early to find suitable parking.

Located near Accor Arena Bercy, Bercy Village is a true gem worth discovering. This vibrant neighborhood offers a unique experience, combining the charm of a historic village with a modern and dynamic atmosphere. After attending a show or event at Accor Arena Bercy, you can take a stroll through the cobbled streets of Bercy Village to extend your evening.

Here are some additional practical information that we think is important to know:

  • The doors of Accor Arena Bercy generally open one hour before the start of the event. It is advisable to arrive early to avoid queues and fully enjoy your experience.
  • Security measures are in place at the entrance of the venue. Make sure to check the restrictions regarding allowed items and specific security measures before your visit.
  • Food concessions and restrooms are available inside Accor Arena Bercy, allowing you to grab a bite to eat and refresh during the event.
  • If you have any additional questions or need assistance during your visit, feel free to contact the staff at Accor Arena Bercy, who will be happy to assist you.
  • Address: 8 Boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris
  • Phone: +33 1 75 44 04 00
  • Metro Station: Bercy (line 6 and line 14) and Gare de Lyon (line 1 and line 14)
  • Official website:

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