The Printemps Haussmann is a luxury department store located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, on Boulevard Haussmann. Founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, this department store is a true Parisian institution that attracts millions of visitors every year. With its nine floors of luxury goods and magnificent architecture, the Printemps Haussmann is one of the most famous shopping destinations in Paris.

Architecture of Printemps

The Printemps Haussmann department store is famous for its spectacular architecture, which combines Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. The store is divided into three distinct buildings, connected by walkways. The main building, built in 1923, is a marvel of Art Deco, with facades adorned with sculptures, mosaics, and stained glass windows. The other two buildings are more recent and were built in the 1970s.

Shopping at Printemps Haussmann

Printemps Haussmann is a luxury department store that offers a wide variety of high-end products, ranging from men’s and women’s clothing to cosmetics, fashion accessories, and home goods. The most prestigious brands are represented here, such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The store also offers a selection of restaurants and bars for visitors who want to relax and grab a bite to eat between purchases.

The store has recently been renovated to offer an even more exceptional shopping experience. The nine floors have been redesigned to offer themed spaces, such as beauty, fashion, accessories, home goods, and food products. The windows of Printemps Haussmann are also famous worldwide for their creativity and originality.

Services offered by Printemps

A wide range of services are offered to customers to make their visit even more enjoyable and convenient. Customers can benefit from:

  • a concierge service to help them organize their visit
  • a tailoring service for clothes purchased on-site
  • Foreign customers can also benefit from a tax refund service to recover VAT on their purchases.

Printemps Haussmann is also known for its seasonal events, such as the famous “Christmas Window” which attracts thousands of visitors every year. During this period, the store is transformed into a true theater scene, with fairy-tale decor, twinkling lights, and entertainment for all ages. 

Perruche, the restaurant on the top floor

The Perruche restaurant is located on the rooftop terrace of the Le Printemps Haussmann department store, offering a panoramic view of the city. Renowned for its chic and trendy ambiance, Perruche restaurant serves contemporary French cuisine with Mediterranean influences. The menu showcases creative and refined dishes, highlighting seasonal ingredients. Guests can indulge in specialties such as seafood, grilled meats, fresh salads, and delectable desserts.

The restaurant also features a bar where you can order cocktails and refreshing beverages while enjoying the breathtaking view of the capital. 

Location : 64 Bd Haussmann 75009 Paris 

Phone : 01 42 82 50 00

How to get there : 

  • Havre-Caumartin Metro Station (lines 3 and 9): This station is located right in front of the main entrance of Printemps, on Boulevard Haussmann. Simply cross the street to reach the department store.
  • Chaussée d’Antin-La Fayette Metro Station (lines 7 and 9): This station is located a few minutes’ walk from Printemps. From the station’s exit, simply walk towards Boulevard Haussmann and turn right to reach Printemps.

Official website :

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